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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

C. W. Steinle—Voiceover Artist

Stepping out! From mild mannered CPA to voiceover artist. 

C. W. Steinle

No really. The more I hear the vocals in some million-dollar commercials, the more I realize—"I can do that." So for social media's sake, here's my canned appeal:

I offer cutting-edge voiceover talent applying an engaging variety of memorable vocal artifacts. Having hosted two campus AM stations in the 70's, I've kept step with the everchanging styles of dynamic radio. More recently as an international (SW) guest and cohost, I understand the art of reading copy. I have recorded and produced a 13 week season of weekly radio shows. I also have recorded several audiobooks.

My voice offers a variety of trending audio artifacts. I also have the ability to replicate styles: authoritative, animated, bold, honest, calming, etc. My professional experience includes live radio, public speaking, narration, and audiobooks.

#Elearning, #Radio Ad, #Television Ad, Video #Narration, #audiobooks, and more.

I'm currently using my Audio-technica PRO8HEx microphone with a Steinberg UR 242 preamp and Cloudlifter CL-1 mic activator.

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