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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Commonwealth Theology Essentials authors interview

We discuss the #commonwealth of #Israel and the biblical community established in the #onenewman through the cross. The problems with both #dispensation theology and #supersessionism.

Friday, September 4, 2020

The "Process" of "ALL ISRAEL" being saved


Are we waiting for the day when "All Israel" will be saved? Or, was Paul merely matching the tense of the Old Testament prophecy he was quoting? We might say it this way today: "You know that verse that talks about 'all Israel will be save?' A prophecy that was actually "legally" fulfilled at Messiah's First Coming. Mainstream (Old-line) theologies have dismissed what the entire Bible clearly says regarding the synchrony of the Messianic Age and the salvation of National Israel - from their national sins (See Jeremiah 31). This presentation was recorded for presentation at Take on the World Conference 2020. The content is mainly taken from a book I co-authored with Douglas Krieger, Dr. Douglas Hamp, and Dr. Gavin Finley - Commonwealth Theology Essentials:

Watch how the Gathering actually began with the Apostles in fulfillment of Jeremiah's Fishermen Prophecy. See how Roman antagonism toward the Jews we perpetuated by English Bible translators. And SO much more. This an hour you won't want to miss!